The Company

We package our products in our warehouses, thanks to our know-how we can best guarantee the quality and satisfaction of our customers.


All our products are Global Gap certified, to guarantee compliance with environmental and food safety standards.


Other certifications :

Grasp: Risk assessment in social practice matters, committed to the health, safety and well-being of workers. To ensure that our employees work in good conditions.

Eco-responsible orchards: A commitment to production methods that respect the environment and the biodiversity of our orchards.



Located between the Rhône and the Alpilles, our family business covers an area of 120 hectares.

We have a collaboration with 26 local producers which allows us to strengthen our production.

The packing station:


An 18-output electronic grading machine with tare lines for apricots and pears


For apples, our pre-calibration allows us to adapt to a fast and efficient request, which ensures reactivity for all specific requests (80 tonnes / day)

2 calibration lines

4 lines of honeycomb packaging

Automatic sealer


We pack all our products in the packaging of your choice

Cherry / Apricot: Cardboard, wood, IFCO...


Pear / Apple: Cardboard, wood, bushel, IFCO, EPS...


Salad / Spinach: Wood, IFCO, EPS...

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Les Fruits de Provence :


Family company producing fruit and vegetables in Saint Pierre de Mezoargues.


On the fertile land of Provence between the banks of the Rhône and the Alpilles, we produce fresh fruit and vegetables at the foot of the Montagnette.


Our family business has been producing in a natural and environmentally friendly way on an area of one hundred hectares for several generations.



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